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Vehicle Alignment

Vehicle misalignment can be difficult to notice, since it doesn’t result in any obvious physical issues for your tires. However, wheel alignment plays a significant role in your overall driving experience, so it’s important to maintain. Alignment helps your vehicle drive smoothly and keeps your wheels pointed in the right direction. Good alignment also means your car uses less energy, so it increases mileage and saves you money as well.

On the other hand, misalignment can result in issues relating to your car’s steering and stability. A simple way to avoid damage such as rapid and uneven tire wear is to check the alignment every 6,000 miles or so. You should also check it after a collision, if you often drive on rough roads (such as those with large potholes), if your tires are squealing, or if you notice your tread is wearing unevenly. If you feel the steering “pulling” in one direction when driving straight on a flat road with no crosswind, you should check the alignment and have it adjusted accordingly.

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