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12 Steps to getting The Best Tire Deal!

Do you know the one car component that can change the whole experience of your driving? Yeah, you guessed it right, it's your car tires. These are the actual deal breakers in every car. You cannot enjoy the ride even in the Ferrari on a brand-new road if the tires are not the appropriate size and quality. Other than pleasure, the safety of your car also relies upon your tires. They make the actual impact on the ground. Therefore, do not compromise ever on your car tires.

Okay, now you've agreed that you will never compromise your car tires. That's good, but this does not mean that you go to the market or search the internet and then buy the most expensive tires for your car. It means you buy the best quality tires at the best affordable prices. Here will do the job. It is a place where people compare tire prices. We have 30+ years of tire retail experience. Our main goal is to help you so that you can make an informed decision.

1) Always be polite when addressing associates at Tire Retailers. They have a tough job, and no one ever goes to the shop because they enjoy it. Be Nice!

2) Don't get emotional, this is a transaction, you're there to get the best deal for your hard-earned money.

3) Compare prices at your one stop price comparison engine first:

4) Have a total budget in mind before entering the shop remember there are additional charges besides the tires. You can view this at under the see details section above the tires you choose.

5) Ask if they have any sales or rebates for tires. Remember to stay focused on your total budget here. Sometimes you can get better value for the money. You may be able to get a private label tire for the same price as a name brand tire. The difference being is you may get a 60,000-mile warranty on a private label tire vs. a 40,000-mile warranty on same name brands. This is a better value for your money.

6) Try to never accept the first offer, the associates have room to negotiate a bit. Besides knowing the best price from you can possibly get additional discounts.

7) Always ask if they Price Match, most Tire retailers do. This means if you find a better price on you can always go to another Tire retailer of your choice and ask “Do you Price match”? In most cases they do.

8) When presented with the quote, ask about additional fees. Sometimes you will see an item called “Shop Fees” make sure you inquire about it. They will explain it to you and a lot of times they will discount it a bit. Some retailers do not have this fee.

9) When you have decided on a tire and price, the negotiation is not over!

10) Ask them the DOT #’s on the tires you are purchasing, always be sure these tires are never more than 24 months old. The tires have dates and just because they have new tread and haven’t been installed on a vehicle doesn’t mean they are new tires.

11) Ask if they have their own company Credit Card if you apply and are approved you usually can get 0% financing for a period of time, and you could be eligible for additional discounts.

12) Finally give it a go one more time at check-out, ask for a military discount if this applies to you and ask if there are any more discounts I can get?

At, we are customer advocates. That's why we want to give you the tools you need to get the best deals.

Brought to you by: The Search Tires Team! Always working for your best Tire Deal!

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