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We don't sell tires we just help you get the best deal on your tires for FREE!

We don't sell tires we just help you get the best deal on your tires for FREE!

12 Steps to getting The Best Tire Deal!

Do you know the one car component that can change the whole experience of your driving? Yeah, you guessed it right, it's your car tires. These are the actual deal breakers in every car. You cannot enjoy the ride even in the Ferrari on a brand-new road if the tires are not the appropriate size and quality. Other than pleasure, the safety of your car also relies upon your tires. They make the actual impact on the ground. Therefore, do not compromise ever on your car tires.

Okay, now you've agreed that you will never compromise your car tires. That's good, but this does not mean that you go to the market or search the internet and then buy the most expensive tires for your car. It means you buy the best quality tires at the best affordable prices. Here will do the job. It is a place where people compare tire prices. We have 30+ years of tire retail experience. Our main goal is to help you so that you can make an informed decision.

1) Always be polite when addressing associates at Tire Retailers. They have a tough job, and no one ever goes to the shop because they enjoy it. Be Nice!

2) Don't get emotional, this is a transaction, you're there to get the best deal for your hard-earned money.

3) Compare prices at your one stop price comparison engine first:

The Search Tires Mission

Search Tires has created an edge for consumers’ frustration in this market. Year after year Tire Prices are growing and we created to help you save up to $300 on a set of tires. No one should be paying more than they have to. Search Tires provides tire buyers with a website to search for the best tires to meet their pricing and installation needs.

A user on Search simply enters their vehicle make and model to find the best tires and prices in their area. After the user chooses their tires, Search Tires directs them to a retailer via 3 ways: Click to Call, Get Directions, & Click to Retailer Website to make an appointment. With a one-stop website listing pricing and product details from local retailers, consumers will no longer have to spend hours researching tires before purchasing. This website will be disruptive to the tire industry, as there is currently nothing like it in the market.

Other sites sell tires online, but the tires must still be delivered and installed locally, which can be overwhelming and confusing to consumers. Search Tires, on the other hand, merely facilitates the research process, which ends with the consumer getting a tire price at a local retail location.

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